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Dec. 28th, 2006

(no subject)

Jumping straight to the topic of primary concern, one of the writers asked if anyone believed that House and Wilson were lovers. Half the class raised their hand (male and female alike), and the guest speakers literally smirked at one another. I sat three rows away from the stage. They smirked.

The writers acknowledged that they are entirely aware of the subtext they infuse in virtually every episode. That's correct. They know what they're doing, and they're doing it on purpose. These are the reasons they gave my class:

1.) They want parallel the relationship with Holmes and Watson. This is not to say that they believe Holmes and Watson were necessarily "romantically involved," but that they wanted to mirror the level of trust and loyalty between the two. It's a relationship that goes above and beyond the categories of friends and lovers.
2.) They have seen the rampant fanfiction online, and they know the slash circle is quite large. They do not want to exclude us as an audience. (And besides, a handful of the writers on staff are on our side anyway).
3.) Admittedly, the House and Wilson relationship is the most important relationship in the show to date.

They made a disclaimer, however, that the Cameron/House relationship will come into play more later on. Unfortunately, they did not divulge any further information about how or why as that would spoil their plans for season 4. (Something for the H/C people to look forward to).

David Shore said that the fall-out between House and Wilson is temporary. To surmise what he said (to the best of my memory): The fall-out has to be temporary. These two characters combined bring balance to the show's comedy and drama.

When they pitted Wilson and House against one another, the balance was disrupted. This is evident through the tonal shift of season 3. The season suddenly became dark (darker than they intended), which is a testament to what happens when Wilson and House are not on a friendly basis. They had to test the friendship for the sake of House's personal growth as a character. To do this, they had to break away from the formula they set-up in seasons 1 and 2, even though that risked upsetting the audience. Quoting Russell "we valued House's growth more than p*ssing off the audience."

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. They talked about the H/W relationship for about 15 minutes. The remainder of the two hour lecture focused on how the show got started, how they plan on gradually serializing the story arcs, etc., and the writing and producing process.

Dec. 21st, 2006

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Dec. 12th, 2006

(no subject)

my pet!

Nov. 27th, 2006

Kade time!!

Okay, Kade time! Well I didn't touch him until after the parade. I was sitting beside him on the bus and Lauren whispered, "If you scoot a little closer to him, your legs will be touching!" So of course there I go, trying to subtly touch his leg against mine. So there I was, touching his leg, blushing, and trying not to let my leg shake out of control! The next time I touched him was when I was helping him put up the plumes, his hand ever-so-gently brushed against mine! The last time I touched him was when I brought the tuba to him. The tuba is so heavy, I held onto it until I was sure he had it, so when he went to get it, his fingeres actually embraced mine as he took the tuba!! All-in-All, good day! Also, Mrs.Williams got me a pic of him! She's bringing it to me tomorrow and I'm taking her my collection of his pics to show her!!

Nov. 24th, 2006

Tuesday's Episode!

So was all House/Wilson shippers completely dumbstruck when House drove off leaving Wilson in the cold??!! We DO know that everytime House and Wilson get in a fight it will end(Thank God!!) and everything will go back to normal. We(H/W shippers) can only hope the writers will continue to do just that. Everyone knows they will get into fights, as they have in many previous occasions, so fighting is to be expected. I read a spoiler that said Wilson is to betray House and that upset me, but I'm hoping that Wilson has a good reason and it's not just out of anger. HOPEFULLY Wilson is going to make some sort of bet with Tritter and Tritter will leave. I am going to have a heart attack before next Tuesday!!

Nov. 19th, 2006


Jordan's grandma agrees with me that Mr. Kade's a hottie!! Just got The Golden Girls Season 6 at the mall today! Discovered Daniel Craig, the new 007, a TOTAL HOTTIE!! The middle school is going bowling tomorrow. I'm excited, but it'll be a disaster!! Those 6th and 7th graders are SO immature!! They will be running around acting crazy! We (the 8th graderes) tryed talking Ms. French into JUST taking the 8th graders, but it didn't work. Oh well, that's HER bad. I'll start my "LockDown" Story today sometime. I have Youth tonight. I hope Mike has my trombone music! The sooner I get the music the better I'll be. Jessie's wanting me to cat and guinni pig sit while she's on va-ka over Thanksgiving break. She'll pay me, so I'll do it. I LOVE her cat!! I've been work'n on my christmas list, don't have much on there yet. Jeeves and Wooster mega set, Threes Company seasons 2 and 3, and Black Lab's new c.d. See The Sun! Christmas is coming, and I CAN'T WAIT!! Hanging of the Greens Dec. 2nd at my church, that'll be a cool event. Just got my newest Christmas Piano book, I'm work'n on that for the holidays. Bout time to change my icon again, it should be one of Wilson.

Nov. 16th, 2006


There was a lockdown at school today! This crazy dude came in the school and the people in the office had to call the police! Before we knew it there were 4 cop cars outside! Mrs. Walthal ringed in on the intercom and sounded VERY scared! She said that all the teachers were to lock their doors, turn off the lights, and all the students get in corners of the rooms or get against the walls. We sat like that for about 45 to an hour long! My class(The IDIOTS) WOULD not shut up!! Laken and I were like, "There is a man in here, possibly w/ a gun! He's gonna come to our room first because he'll hear us! SHUT UP!!!" Brandon Billings got on his cell phone and called his mom! We were panicing! Especially when we would hear doors to the steps bang open and close! We would think it was him EVERYTIME! Later that day we were talking to Mr. Kade about it, and he said it was sortta comical!! I mean, they said over the intercom what he was wearing and it was like a red stripped sweater and blue pants with holes in them, who is it Freddy Kruegar??? LOL! The whole time we were in lockdown I was like, "God, I hope Mr. Kade is okay!!" I wanted to be with him! I wanted it to be myself, Amber L., Jordan A., Mr. Kade, and Mr. Wilson all in Mr. Kade's office. We would turn off the lights, Amber, Jordan, and I would cuddle under Mr. Kade's desk and Mr. Kade and Wilson would each get both doors in Mr. Kade's office(there is two doors, one to come in and one to come out) they could protect us. But of course that didn't happen.....My luck. I said "Bye" to Mr. Kade again this morning. I'm starting to every morning! I like to, it leaves me feeling good.

Nov. 14th, 2006

New House/Wilson Fan Fic!

I was officially REJECTED!! Oh, well! I'll just stick to my older men.... Here's my newest House/Wilson Fan Fic, I hope ya like!!


"I'll Fight The Pain"

Greg sat up in his bed, yawned and stretched. He grabbed his Vikodin bottle and dry swallowed 2 pills. Moaning, he massaged his right thigh muscle. He had to get his leg working good before his....visitor comes. Greg opened his nightstand and checked for condoms. He groaned, Greg hated using them but James would always insist. Greg heard the door open and a bag of groceries drop to the floor. James poked his dark brown head around the bedroom door and said, "Hey Greg. I'll be there in a minute." He disapeared into the kitchen.
"Okay," Greg continued to massage the remains of his right thigh muscle. "What'd ya bring me?"
"Exactly what you like," James shouted from the kitchen. "Chicken Noodle Soup and Peanut Butter," Greg smiled, "And a few little trinkets for dinners this week."
"Mmmm....I love your lasagna!" Greg grinned.
James laughed as he entered the bedroom, "I know you do." Greg smiled as he watched James loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt, throwing them to the carpeted floor. James climbed onto the bed, falling into Greg's arms, but careful of his leg. Greg caressed James chest, making circular motions around his smooth, warm nipples.
Greg reached down, tugging at James zipper and boxers, finally tossing them to the floor. Greg gripped James hips, thrust him into himself, groaned as James responded by moving his hips in a rythemic pattern.
"WAIT!" James screamed, pulling out of Greg.
Greg already knew what James wanted so, he reached under his pillow and pulled out the box of condoms. Greg shook the box at James, grinning. James took the box from Greg and tossed it across the room. Greg smiled and pushed James under him.
"No, Greg. Your leg will KILL you." James whispered, slightly massaging Greg's buttocks.
"For you; I'll fight the pain." Greg smiled and leaned into James, ending in a passionate kiss. This'll be a long night, but one they'll both enjoy.


Let me know what you think, it's my first time posting my fan fic! Comments are always lovely!

Nov. 13th, 2006

David and Mr. Kade

Well, have I got news for you ! Lauren asked David if he liked me and if he'd want to got out w/ me!! I'm glad, tho. I asked her too! He said that he'd have to think about it and he'd call Lauren @ 7, tell her his desision and then Lauren'll call me! I hope he says YES!
Well, I talked to Mr. Kade today about his M.R.I.. He said it went allright and that there isn't anything wrong w/ him. On my way out the band room this morning I said bye to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Bye hon. It was good to see you last night." OH! I never told you about Mr. KAde playing at the mall last night! Well, I stood as close to him as possible and afterwards he stood up, bowed and winked at me, waved at me and mouthed, "Thanks for coming!" I samiled and he smiled back! I followed him over to his trumpet case and when he finished pputting his trumpet up he opened his arms, and I overtingly accepted his embrace! He put his right hand under my left underarm, and I put my left hand on the curve of his back, rested my head on his shoulder and moaned under my breath, "Mmmm". I moaned louder than I meant to because Kim said she heard me! So, if she heard, I'm sure he did!! Our embrace was loving and affectionate!
I hope I don't have a heart attack before 7!!! God, what if he says, "No"! That'll KILL me!!

Nov. 9th, 2006

Mr. Kade and David

O.K.! Mr. Kade wasn't at school today because he had to go to the hospital for an M.R.I.!! *TEAR* So I spent the entire lunch period looking at the stage and wheeping( He always sits on the edge of the stage)! I hope he's allright..... Erin tryed to get me to call Mr. Kade yesterday and wish him good luck on his M.R.I., but I chickened out. I regreted it ALL day!! As long as he doesn't come to school saying that he has a cancerous tumer on his brain, I'll be o.k.!! I'm gonna ask him FIRST thing Monday morning how it went! He is the light of my day!! *Grins* Leslie is still ignoring me like the Plauge, but like I said before, WHO THE FUCK CARES!! Well, I've NEVER liked anyone under the age of 40, but I think I like this guy in my grade!! His name is David. Problem is, my best friend likes him. She won't admit that she likes him but EVERYONE knows she does. I try to tell her constantly, "Just ask him out!!!" but she refuses. I'm thinking about talking to her about him Monday. I really want to ask him out!! Problem: What if he says, "No." I've never asked a guy out before......never been turned down before. Problem: He's read my VERY DIRTY H/W fan fic.....I prob. spooked him out. Love has to be so complicated.... It may be good for me tho, to get w/ someone my age rather than 34 years older....

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